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How to Clean Out Your Closet and Give Back

New Year, new you? Awesome. Time to clean out your closet then. I get a LOT of questions this time of year through Spring Cleaning season about how to clean out your closet. So here’s a post giving you way more detail than you ever wanted on how to clean out your closet. This isn’t just the tactics to use when going through stuff, though. Oh no. This is how to follow up with the items you’re not keeping. I suppose you could ...

New Year’s Eve Inspo with thredUP

At this point, you’ve made your plans, you’re ready to go out, and it’s time to bid adieu to 2017 in style. But what style? Well, for me that style is going to be yoga pants and some hot lemon water as I’m spending my New Year’s Eve inside with close friends centering our energies and bodies to bring in the new year on a healthy note. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to share some amazing style inspiration and my favorite style secret ...

Satin is the New Velvet | Spring Style

Velvet had its run this past fall and winter as the trending fabric. But now it’s spring and, once Chicago starts acting like it, I’m breaking out satin as my signature spring style fabric. These flats by Sam Edelman are easily the best shoe investment I’ve made in a while. They’re a great color [and come in tons more!], they lace up super comfortably, and they make such a statement with their cut. Basically, ...

Jump into Jumpsuits this Fall!

The jumpsuit might be the absolute best revolution in fashion ever. One piece of clothing. Looks fab immediately. Fun to accessorize. Makes a statement instantly. Basically, jumpsuits are the ultimate and I’m honestly not sure why my closet isn’t FILLED with them. This jumpsuit in particular is my favorite deal ever. I purchased it from thredUP, a second hand website that offers up to 90% off of designer threads. The designer, ...