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Swimsuit Love All Summer Long | fab’rik Style

At this point, it’s no secret how much I love fab’rik Wicker Park. Maria, the owner, is a truly wonderful human being and I’ve never gotten clothes from her that I didn’t absolutely love! So when I heard  she was releasing swimsuits, you KNOW I was all over that. This is made even better by the fact that they’re all one-piece beauties. I’m sure by now you’ve read my One Piece Swimsuit Hack post but these pieces don’t need to be hacked ...

Swimsuit Hack | One Pieces for Long Torsos

You know what I love? One piece swimsuits. You know what I hate? Shopping for one piece swimsuits. Hi, my name is Dannie and I have a very long torso. No but for real, the moment one pieces had over summer was fantastic. I loved how everyone was trying them out and abandoning the belief that only certain body types can wear them. They can be sexy and slinky and the most amazing way to rock the beach ever. But having a long torso legitimately ...

Swimsuit Summer Style

Words cannot accurately describe how much I absolutely love this bikini. It’s gorgeous, it’s unique, it actually makes me feel confident in something that isn’t boy shorts, and it makes me look more tan than I actually am. Basically, it hits on all the important points and I’m OBSESSED. It’s certainly going to make for some interesting tan lines on our honeymoon this October but I don’t even care. I feel ...