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Fashionably Femme | Dasha of Windy City Wardrobe

Welcome to Fashionably Femme!  It’s International Women’s Day! I’m celebrating today by launching a series that’s been in the works for a while. Welcome to Fashionably Femme, a blog series featuring femmes from all nooks of the LGBT*QIA community. These rocking folks are girl bosses, moms, entrepreneurs, and all sorts of amazing human beings.  For our first Fashionable Femme, We’re featuring Dasha of Windy City ...

Heels and Layers

No matter what time of year, I’m obsessed with wearing heels. Yes, this means my feet are freezing cold a ton of the time but I’m okay with that. My philosophy on shoes is that they should always be fabulous, no matter what. And sometimes that means having chilly feet in the name of fabulous shoes. So what do you do to combat that? Add layers, of course! Jazz up a button down with a blazer then top it all off with a peacoat and ...

Fall Shoe Style with JBU by Jambu

Fall is the greatest in Chicago specifically. For real. There’s a song about autumn in New York but none about autumn in Chicago. But, like, have you ever seen fall in Chicago?! It’s stunning! Despite my affinity for heels and dresses and dressing up and being fancy, I’m a sucker for keeping cozy in the fall. Blanket scarves everywhere, sweaters so chunky they could be blankets, and so much more. I’m all about soft ...

Vintage for the Office with Big Red Vintage

Just a short post today, guys. We’re officially 9 days away from #StileFotoWED and I’m in full on wedding mode! I promise I’ll have content here for you but I’m going to be away! Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of photos and updates for you when I get back.  Mixing styles is one of my favorite things to do. Pretty and feminine with something edgy, boho and glam, or really anything. I love mixing it up. But ...
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Blogger Behind the Scenes

What happens when you add up a handful of bloggers, two photographers, and an amazing jewelry designer? You get one of the best days with your blog to date. A car full of outfits, boxes of jewelry, amazing friendships, and so much more. I’m here to provide an exclusive look into the behind the scenes of being a blogger, the glam edition! Sure, we have nights in sweatpants with glasses of wine writing posts, managing all the SEO, ...

Maxi-mizing Summer

I absolutely adore wearing maxi dresses all year round but my favorite time of year for them might be the end of summer. When there’s that little bit of chill in the air so you want to have a little more coverage but you don’t want to let go of summer. You want to have fun with how you look. And you’re kind of over all the summer looks but not ready for fall layers yet so you want just one piece of clothing. Everything. ...

Summer Style in a Wrap Skirt & Statement Earrings

A good outfit that works for the office and for going out is like a Holy Grail that I work so hard to find. So when this skirt was on sale at J.Crew Factory for damn near 50% off and I got these earrings in from ILYMIX, I knew I was set. This look is perfect to wear to work and then take straight out to drinks with friends! The earrings might be my favorite part, too. Remember those posts back in Feb & March about ILYMIX and getting 20% ...

Spring Style: Off the Shoulder

It’s no secret by this point that off-the-shoulder tops are super in for spring. I would even go so far as to predict that they’re going to carry over into summer very nicely. This particular top is such a style steal. Gorgeous, flowy, a stunning color, and everything else you could want in the perfect off-the-shoulder look for this season. I’ve linked this as well as several similar tops (also style steals) below the ...
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Spring Thing

Springtime means it’s time to break out the sandals and it’s finally acceptable to eat ice cream outside again without shivering your butt off! So that’s exactly what we did, venturing to George’s Ice Cream and Sweets in Andersonville! They have so many amazing flavors, including a few vegan friendly ones on rotation. My personal favorite of theirs is called Yippie Skippie. It’s peanut butter ice cream with ...

Jumping into Spring

Spring jumpsuits in chilly weather Chicago had a blizzard yesterday. It was cold, there was snow and ice and sleet and the whole shebang. And wind. We had so much wind that despite having a blizzard, there is no snow on the ground. I swear, I was convinced that wind was going to blow me over. Can we have spring now? I want light coats and florals and sunshine and warm weather. We’ve had some teasing days but it’s not enough. ...