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Summer Style in Chicago

For as much as everyone else in Chicago complained about Spring being not hot and rainy, I loved it! Mostly because, well, that’s what spring is. 50’s and rainy. That’s the whole point. And now Chicago has exploded in a wash of green and flowers and warmth and sun and it’s absolutely perfect. And all that green makes the weeks on end of rain totally worth it. Which means it’s time to start thinking about summer ...

Statement Necklace Styling and Dog!

Sunday’s outfit was inspired by Dolled Up With Liz’s post, “Never dull your sparkle!” about styling an entire outfit around a statement necklace. So that is exactly what I did, inspired entirely by her outfit. I know this chambray has been featured in my last three outfit posts. I promise that 1) it’s been clean (we’ve hat a lot of laundry to do lately. And I’ve just been tossing it in) and 2) I will ...