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When Spring Just Hasn’t Sprung Yet | Spring Style

We all know how much I love winter. I’ve been terrible at keeping it a secret and it’s definitely something that affects my life decisions in big ways (post on that coming soon). But when the calendar says it’s March, I’m definitely ready for the weather to turn and to stop having to wear a coat everywhere – even if my winter coat this year is pretty darn cute. It’s the time of year when spring pieces are ...
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Springtime in Chicago

Lately, I’ve been consuming all things spring. From springy music that puts a little pep in my step to the fresh flowers at the grocery store. Which, obviously, includes spring fashion. And, oh boy, I’ve got tons of stuff coming up for you guys. Keep an eye out for your Thursday morning posts because the spring style I’ve got going on it killer. This dress in particular isn’t actually that springy. Black isn’t a ...

Spring Style: Off the Shoulder

It’s no secret by this point that off-the-shoulder tops are super in for spring. I would even go so far as to predict that they’re going to carry over into summer very nicely. This particular top is such a style steal. Gorgeous, flowy, a stunning color, and everything else you could want in the perfect off-the-shoulder look for this season. I’ve linked this as well as several similar tops (also style steals) below the ...

Sneakin’ Around

Despite my intense love for everything that is heels, there’s something amazing about slipping on some sneakers and going out for a day of… well, whatever really. These are such a great pick for spring with their bright minty green and they’re so comfy! I may tend to choose heels over sneakers but when my choice is these, I’m still walking happy. Sneakers | Target Purse | Target Jacket | Vintage T-Shirt | Ragstock ...
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Spring Thing

Springtime means it’s time to break out the sandals and it’s finally acceptable to eat ice cream outside again without shivering your butt off! So that’s exactly what we did, venturing to George’s Ice Cream and Sweets in Andersonville! They have so many amazing flavors, including a few vegan friendly ones on rotation. My personal favorite of theirs is called Yippie Skippie. It’s peanut butter ice cream with ...

Flying my Nerd Flag in Wedges

This past weekend, I got an awesome opportunity to promote my show at a convention. Columbia College Chicago does their own version of C2E2 and brought us on board to talk about Badfic Love! The panel was great, we got asked some interesting questions, and generically got to share this great show! And of course, it being spring and all, I used the opportunity to break out a pair of wedges for the occasion. Hope everyone had a great weekend! ...

Striped Skirt & Spring Flowers

Spring has officially arrived in Chicago enough that flowers are being planted in the beds around downtown. Color me excited! I love all the bright pops of color amid a sea of grey and concrete. It’s a super refreshing change. I found a code for a free Julep Maven Bridal Box not too long ago and am finally getting to trying out all the awesome colors I received. Look out for a review of the colors coming up soon! I don’t claim to ...