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Dog Moms on Mother’s Day

Two dog related posts in one week?! I just might be a crazy dog lady or something. But there’s a big holiday coming up, one I have a difficult time with, and one that I have only recently decided doesn’t stink. Mother’s Day is upon us. I have an incredibly mixed relationship with Mother’s day. As a mid-May baby, I frequently shared my birthday with this holiday. So things like my 16th birthday? Yeah, that was ...

Fashion for Rescue Dogs with The Rescue Runway

Fur the love of rescue dogs Recently, I was lucky enough to team up with Christine of The Rescue Runway to go hang out with some dogs at Anti-Cruelty and shoot some outfits with them. Yep, rescue dogs and fashion. Basically my dream come true. And that’s Christine’s entire blog concept! Helping rescue dogs find homes through fashion. It’s kind of amazing. I highly recommend checking her out ASAP. And in the meantime, check ...