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Beautiful Jumpsuit

If you’re subscribed to my email list, you’ll know that I’ve been super struggling with my body image lately. I haven’t felt pretty or confident or any of those other words people so often use. I’ve always struggled with these things. Lately, though, the struggle has been more difficult than usual. Sometimes it takes as little as one bad photo to set the whole balance off. Being a blogger, I can’t even ...
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Paso Robles | Wine Country for Millennials PART TWO

Wine country was easily one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had. Taking a break from the city and going out to relax, enjoy some mountain air, and tour wineries was exactly what I needed to unwind from a crazy winter and what’s shaping up to be a very wet spring [focusing on the fact that it’s going to make for some inspiring flowers and blooms very soon]. Read the first part of our Paso experience here. Our ...

Paso Robles | Wine Country for Millennials

At the end of February, I had the pleasure of adventuring to Paso Robles, California, with a wonderful group of bloggers to experience wine country. Now, when I say “wine country” you’re probably thinking that I’m talking about Napa. Napa appeals to a much different group of people than I will ever identify with. But I’ve always loved the idea of visiting wineries and enjoying a break from city life. So when the ...