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Summer Playlist, Last Dance | Musical Mondays

Last Dance, tonight Did you all know that I used to be a dancer? Like, age 8 through 23. Studied it in college, in London, and here in Chicago. Ballet is in my veins. So when I went to shoot this look, and I started goofing off in the grass, Sarah told me to just play around while she snapped photos. I was going to talk about the end of summer, enjoying the last of the warmth before we get to break out sweaters and scarves, but then I ...

Swimsuit Love All Summer Long | fab’rik Style

At this point, it’s no secret how much I love fab’rik Wicker Park. Maria, the owner, is a truly wonderful human being and I’ve never gotten clothes from her that I didn’t absolutely love! So when I heard  she was releasing swimsuits, you KNOW I was all over that. This is made even better by the fact that they’re all one-piece beauties. I’m sure by now you’ve read my One Piece Swimsuit Hack post but these pieces don’t need to be hacked ...