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Finding Queer-Friendly Third Space in a Cup of Coffee | Ridman’s Coffee

It Always Comes Back to Coffee, Ridman’s Coffee There’s a new coffee shop on the North Side. Head West down Lawrence to Clark and you’ll stumble on new signage there on the Southwest side of the intersection. Ridman’s Coffee may be the new kids on the block but they certainly know what they’re doing. Beautifully yet simply designed space, Dark Matter coffee, vegan-friendly, and a whole mess of inclusivity. From the restrooms ...

Cuddles and Coffee | Mugs by Trendy Sparrow

Readers, I have a confession to make. I am addicted to coffee.  I know, you are all completely shocked by this statement. After all, I have never ever ever ever ever posted any content related to coffee. Not even in the slightest. That’s entirely why I’m working with The Trendy Sparrow on these mugs. Because coffee is just the worst. All sarcasm and kidding aside, I’m super excited about this collaboration! These mugs are ...

Grounds and Hounds

It’s an ill kept secret that I adore coffee. It’s even LESS of a secret that I adore dogs. So what happens when I get the opportunity to work with a coffee company that donates money to dog rescues? I pounce on the opportunity, wagging my invisible tail!   Have a Little Dog With Your Coffee Grounds and Hounds might just be my new favorite brand of all time. Over everything else. Just. In general. I’m officially in love ...
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The Perfect Cup of Coffee with A Cup of Quotes

There are so many different elements to the perfect cup of coffee. The beans. The roast. The grind. The machine. And, most importantly, the mug. I’ve teamed up with A Cup of Quotes to bring you my perfect cup of coffee, as served in one of their sassy and amazing mugs. When I make a cup of coffee, I look for several things: Flavor: Hazelnut everything! I love hazelnut in my coffee but I much prefer the flavoring in the grounds ...
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Bloggers Who Brunch @ The Allis, Soho House

What happens when you get a group of amazing blogger babes together and you all go out? Brunch at one of Chicago’s most beautiful spots, that’s what. The wonderful Dasha of Windy City Wardrobe got this great group together to share a meal, meet each other, and just commiserate over being a blogger in this city of ours over some amazing food. We met up at The Allis inside Soho House. Left to right in the photo above we’ve ...
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Virgin Hotels, Two Zero Three Coffee House

Right down the street from my work, a new Virgin Hotel has opened up. And with the hotel came this great coffee shop called Two Zero Three — the name comes from their address. They’ve done a spectacular job of hyping themselves right on their building so I was already excited for them to open up. Then Chicagoist and Chicago Eater both hyped the place and I got even MORE excited to find out that it was a coffee and wine bar. Color ...