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California Dreamin in Fabrik Style

With the onslaught of this heat wave that Chicago’s experiencing, I find myself missing California even more. Yes, I know, it’s even hotter there. But after my trip there in February, I understand why so many people write songs about the state and why so many people are always moving there! This look is inspired by the style spotting I did while in Cali. Pair shorts from my favorite local haunt, Fabrik Wicker Park [who just keep ...
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Blogger Behind the Scenes

What happens when you add up a handful of bloggers, two photographers, and an amazing jewelry designer? You get one of the best days with your blog to date. A car full of outfits, boxes of jewelry, amazing friendships, and so much more. I’m here to provide an exclusive look into the behind the scenes of being a blogger, the glam edition! Sure, we have nights in sweatpants with glasses of wine writing posts, managing all the SEO, ...

Jump into Jumpsuits this Fall!

The jumpsuit might be the absolute best revolution in fashion ever. One piece of clothing. Looks fab immediately. Fun to accessorize. Makes a statement instantly. Basically, jumpsuits are the ultimate and I’m honestly not sure why my closet isn’t FILLED with them. This jumpsuit in particular is my favorite deal ever. I purchased it from thredUP, a second hand website that offers up to 90% off of designer threads. The designer, ...