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Top Spring and Summer Beauty Products

When it comes to Spring and Summer, the number and range of beauty products I use increases dramatically. During the winter, I basically use the thickest lotion I can find, I barely touch my hair, and I kind of pretend makeup doesn’t exist. Then spring comes, temperatures rise, and I come out of hibernation feeling like some sort of butterfly who hasn’t quite found her color yet. It’s a chance to try new products, explore ...

My Favorite Beauty Products, Summer 2016

As with most people, what I’m using on my body varies from season to season. While I opt for exclusively heavy-moisture products in the winter and pumpkin spice scented everything in the fall, summer is when I spend some time experimenting with my favorites. It’s the perfect time to see what my skin and I both like, have a little fun, and see what’s new on the market! Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser, White ...
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Burberry Birthday Adventure

May might be one of my favorite months of the year. It starts to get warm for real, flowers are everywhere, and my birthday happens! This year, I’m actually celebrating, whereas last year I didn’t do terribly much. So the celebrations began last week with a trip to the Burberry flagship store here in Chicago for a birthday present that I’ve been eyeing for a while: MyBurberry eau de toilette. The scent is amazing! And the ...