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Adventure Wear | What to Wear When You Go Hiking

Adventure Wear | What the Heck Is That?!  Get ready, everyone. I’m about to blow your minds. And claim a phrase that involves some cringe-worthy google searching. Seriously, go search “adventure wear” and then come on back here for some much more aesthetically pleasing outdoors inspiration. I’ll wait. Over our anniversary weekend, Sarah and I went hiking at Matthissen State Park. If you’re paying attention, that ...

Anniversary To Be

I’m definitely calling this a perk to a long engagement. With our venue and date solidified a while ago, we already know what our anniversary is going to be. And a few weeks ago, we got to celebrate it a year early! We packed up a breakfast picnic while it was still very dark outside, gathered blankets, hoodies, and the dog, and made our way out to the beach where we settled in to watch the sun rise. Partway into the morning, Zoe ...