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The Perfect Distressed Denim #skinny_trf

I feel like from the moment you begin blogging, you’re almost required to own a pair of perfectly distressed denim. Whether boyfriend fit or skinny, a pair needs to find its way into your closet at some point. After blogging for 9+ months, I have finally found said perfect pair of jeans at Zara. It was literally love at first sight. I turned around, saw them sitting there on the rack, and all but screamed with joy. First pair I ...


I finally did it! I finally actively looked for and found a jumpsuit. I’ve been waffling on how I feel about them for months. They look good on others but would they look good on me? What do I wear it with? How the hell do I style this thing? I have super long legs and a super long torso, what do I do?! Well, I had an event to attend (ROOF Runway with Glossed and Found and Topshop), nothing new to wear, and a might need to find ...
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Wine Night: Independent Spirits, Inc. in Edgewater

Neighborhood exploring is easily my favorite thing to do. Now that the weather has gotten nice enough to be outside for more than the time it takes the dog to do her thing and go back in, Sarah and I have really been spending time getting to know our neighborhood. Exploring boutiques, eating at local restaurants, visiting small pet stores, etc.! It was thus, we discovered Independent Spirits, Inc. The little boutique is WONDERFUL. My adult ...

Indie Cafe, Chicago

Warm weather in Chicago means it’s outdoor dining season. Mind, it takes us until late May/early June to get there. But we eventually do and then everybody is outside all the time. Going anywhere to eat, the question “do you want to sit outside or inside?” is always “outside.” So when Sarah and I had a much needed date night and we ended up at Indie Cafe on Broadway, of course we said yes! dining al  fresco is ...

Engagement Photos by Chelsea Bliefernicht Photography

Just a few of my favorite snaps from our engagement shoot. Chelsea was a joy to work with! Enjoy just some of my favorite snaps from our engagement session! Chelsea was amazing to work with and made the shoot so much fun.

Mudderella Chicago 2015

So remember I said I was running the Mudderella? Yep, it happened. Before we talk about this year, let me tell you about last year. There was sun, it was probably in the upper 60’s, lower 70’s. We came, we saw, we conquered. We were a team of 4 and we KILLED IT. This year, it was in the mid 50’s at its warmest, rainy, and MUDDY. I know, i know. I signed up for a mud run and I’m complaining about the mud. Well, let me ...

Playing Tourist in My Own City

It is a poorly kept secret that I hate tourists and I hate crowds. And yet, for some bizarre reason, I work right in the heart of tourist land. As with every summer, as soon as the weather begins to warm up, I find myself surrounded by them simply trying to get to and from the train when it’s time to commute. And yet despite my dislikes, when I find myself with some time to kill after work, wonderful early evening sun, and pleasant ...

Baked Tofu Steaks and Roasted Asparagus

Farmers Market season has begun in Chicago! To celebrate, we immediately bought the best looking asparagus bunch we could find and took it home for roasting. But asparagus is definitely more of a side, even in vegetarian land. I suppose I COULD try to make it a main dish. Or I could serve it alongside this bomb-ass tofu and be much happier. You’ll need: 1/2 block firm tofu, sliced into 4 pieces and pressed. 1/4 c maple syrup 1/4 c ...

Greenscale – Late Spring Haul

Chicago is finally starting to behave warmly! Took it long enough… And then, of course, after a week of nice warm days, we get mid-50’s and rain for the Mudderella. Let me tell you how chilly THAT was. But all is not lost! The change of weather and new job warranted a little bit of a haul to get my wardrobe up to speed. Haul included stuff from all over but mostly Forever 21. Because, let’s be real, they’re actually ...

Buffalo Skillet Chickpeas

This post has been long promised to several people. Skillet chickpeas are a staple in my kitchen. They’re quick, easy, delicious and, most importantly, full of yummy protein goodness! You will need: 1 8 oz can of chickpeas/garbanzo beans 1/4-1/2 c hot sauce (I use Franks but you can use your favorite) Vegan parmesan (optional) Fresh chives (optional) Drain your chickpeas and add the hot sauce. You can do this right in the can, in a ...