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Librarian Style | Wardrobe Essentials for Effortlessly Chic Workwear

Creating an easy yet stellar outfit for work shouldn’t be difficult. Keep it professional, keep it comfortable, and add pieces that make you feel amazing! When I shop, I always aim to at least try to find pieces that can double as workwear. What’s the fun in new clothes if you can’t wear them whenever you want? I take a lot of my style inspiration from searching around on Pinterest (follow for all of my outfit inspo and more!) so I figured ...
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Remy, Bizqueer Lawyer Femme | Fashionably Femme

  WELCOME!  Welcome to Fashionably Femme. Fashionably Femme is a blog series featuring femmes from all nooks of the LGBTQIA community. These rocking folks are activists, educators, bosses, parents, entrepreneurs, and all sorts of amazing human beings. Join me as we explore femme as so much more than a label but truly a way of life. After Kimberly’s Fashionably Femme feature went live, I received a message to my blog’s ...

How to Make a Tee Shirt and Jeans Look Chic

With fall temps officially here in Chicago and the promise of chill in the air, it’s getting to be that time of year where all I want is to be cozy, style be damned. And yet every time I end up in public, I constantly hear “How do you always look cute?” even if I’m only wearing a tee shirt and jeans. For real guys, half the time I literally did wake up like this. But some of that is careful planning and shopping: I always intentionally buy ...
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Glass Full. Schedule Empty. | The Boyfriend Tee Commitment Free

Glass Full, Schedule Empty That’s gotta be your motto when you’re rocking this amazing tee, crafted by the amazing Chloe of Chloe’s Cravings. This boozy tee is the best when you’ve got a cozy night in with your favorite bottle of wine, great to rock for a casual weekend look, or pretty much anywhere you happen to be also drinking wine. Made with a Drink in Hand Remember when I told y’all about Shopbuzzed? Chloe ...

Stile.Foto.Cibo’s Two Year Blogiversary

Stile.Foto.Cibo is officially two years old! As of Saturday, my blog, which started as a fun little hobby, is officially two and I couldn’t be more excited! These two years have been just amazing, full of new friends, new experiences, and tons of fun. When I started my blog, I was in a kind of not great job with not enough work to fill the time I was there and a major need to update my wardrobe (at this point, I hadn’t gone ...

Surrounded by Local Art

I love finding hidden gems and local art, especially when it’s right around places I frequent all the time. This amazing wall is right in Andersonville across from one of my favorite coffee shops! I hadn’t noticed it at all until another blogger included this wall in a list of great walls to photo in front of. So of course I had to go take photos right away! This cardigan is an absolute favorite of mine as of late. It’s ...