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Anniversary To Be

I’m definitely calling this a perk to a long engagement. With our venue and date solidified a while ago, we already know what our anniversary is going to be. And a few weeks ago, we got to celebrate it a year early! We packed up a breakfast picnic while it was still very dark outside, gathered blankets, hoodies, and the dog, and made our way out to the beach where we settled in to watch the sun rise. Partway into the morning, Zoe ...
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An Afternoon of Bridal Luxury

Sunday may have dawned grey and gloomy but with the promise of champagne, beautiful tables, and even more beautiful bridal gowns, my thoughts were sunny and excited. The Afternoon of Bridal Luxury is an annual bridal walk around the shops near the Mag Mile here in Chicago that touches on bakeries, dresses, venues, tablescapes. You’re handed a map and a bag and a mimosa and sent on your way. The walk included places like Kate Spade, ...
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British Dinner Party

If you’ve been around here for a few months, you know my love affair with the UK. Anglophile might not even begin to cover it, though it does a good job of beginning to tell that story. Periodically, I take that love and turn it into something my friends can enjoy rather than listen to me whine about. In this case, that came in for form of a British Dinner Party, an evening themed and decorated with UK-themed pieces as well as bits and ...
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Bathtime | How to Relax as a Blogger, the Recipe for a perfect Bubble Bath

Taking time for me is something I am horrid at. When I am constantly saying “yes” to new projects while working all the time and trying to build in time for friendship and family, the first thing I shuffle to the side is myself. Which results in every sort of stress related symptom on the planet attacking me from the inside out and the outside in. With the end of a particularly stressful contract and the beginning of some ...

BeBuddha Jewelry Launch Party

Let me tell you about my new favorite jewelry company: Be Buddha Jewelry! Their manifesto is “outer piece for inner peace” and the jewelry reflects this! The different stones and symbols used in the jewelry all reflect different human facets including creativity, calmness, etc. The colors in these hand made pieces are absolutely stunning and range from basic golds to vibrant teals and pinks- and everything in between! I was lucky enough ...
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Simply Stylist | Do What You Love, Part 2

“She knows who she is.” Part two of Simply Stylist! Read Part 1 here. The above quote is the best description of someone’s Instagram account I have ever heard. Joey Maalouf’s description of Jacey Duprie, to be specific. And they make my favorite takeaway from the entire conference: just be you! I like to think I do that anyway but it was nice to have that reminder. As promised, outfit details from the day below. I ...
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Wine Night: Independent Spirits, Inc. in Edgewater

Neighborhood exploring is easily my favorite thing to do. Now that the weather has gotten nice enough to be outside for more than the time it takes the dog to do her thing and go back in, Sarah and I have really been spending time getting to know our neighborhood. Exploring boutiques, eating at local restaurants, visiting small pet stores, etc.! It was thus, we discovered Independent Spirits, Inc. The little boutique is WONDERFUL. My adult ...

Engagement Photos by Chelsea Bliefernicht Photography

Just a few of my favorite snaps from our engagement shoot. Chelsea was a joy to work with! Enjoy just some of my favorite snaps from our engagement session! Chelsea was amazing to work with and made the shoot so much fun.

Playing Tourist in My Own City

It is a poorly kept secret that I hate tourists and I hate crowds. And yet, for some bizarre reason, I work right in the heart of tourist land. As with every summer, as soon as the weather begins to warm up, I find myself surrounded by them simply trying to get to and from the train when it’s time to commute. And yet despite my dislikes, when I find myself with some time to kill after work, wonderful early evening sun, and pleasant ...
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Beehive in Bloom: A Vintage Fashion Show

This weekend, Beehive Chicago, a vintage shop in East Garfield Park, hosted Beehive in Bloom, a Vintage Fashion Show and Benefit! 20% of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Howard Brown Health Center, an organization whose mission is to to eliminate the disparities in health care experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people through research, education and the provision of services that promote health and ...