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Femme Style as Politics and Attitude | My Outfit is My Statement

Is style political? Absolutely. When we get dressed in the morning, the clothing we put on is the armour we wear to face the world. It can (and should be!)  be a means of self expression, but it often also makes a political statement. When a certain famed talk show host tells the world that you shouldn’t wear a crop top if you have a tummy, any time a tummy owner wears one they are making a statement in direct contrast. Any time Alok ...

3 Ways to Address your Stress | Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month With all of my #RealTalk about mental health and my dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression, it only makes sense to talk about this with you! Enter Shemiah Derrick, MA, who reached out via Instagram. She’s a therapist in the Chicago area and she’s basically amazing. So when she reached out about working together to spread our respective messages about mental health, of course I jumped right on ...

12 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Happy Earth Day! Today is one of my favorite days of the year because, for at least 24 hours, significantly more people are aware of the impact they have on the environment and actively work to lessen that impact. But Earth Day is only one of 365 days. What if everyone did as much as they do on Earth Day every single day of the year? Think of how much difference we could make. I’ve got 12 ways you can celebrate Earth Day every day and make ...
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Wife Life | Body Positivity and Mass Media

I Feel Pretty (But Only After a Concussion) – Body Positivity isn’t a Joke Recently, trailers for a new Amy Schumer movie have taken over my social feeds. The movie — which I’m not linking because I don’t want to give them the views or traffic– focuses on Schumer’s character hitting her head in a SoulCycle class and suddenly seeing herself as beautiful and being confident in her body for the first time, despite being ...

My Femme Isn’t Weak. Your Inability to Accept it is.

My Femme Isn’t Weak. Your Inability to Accept it is. In my teen and college years, I dated men. I know, the most vocal, confident, and proud lesbian of them all dated men. Would you believe it’s because I thought I was supposed to? Sure I knew I wasn’t entirely straight. I mean have you seen Kiera Knightley? [fans self] But I didn’t fit into any of the stereotypes I’d seen of queer women. I wasn’t the proud owner of a closet of flannels, I ...

What I’m Currently Reading and Listening To

Somehow, despite all of the work I’m constantly doing, I still find time to sit and read, listen to podcasts, and watch television. Mind, when I say TV I mean Netflix. Our TV is hooked up to the internet and that’s it. And, honestly, that’s how I prefer it. But I digress… I always have people asking what I’m reading, watching, and generally consuming. So here’s a look into what’s on my radar ...
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Women’s History Month and Femme Identity | Celebrating ALL Women

It’s Women’s History Month! Over at Stile.Foto.Cibo we love celebrating Women’s History Month, but our team is made up of cisgendered women, so it’s a celebration created with us in mind. And that’s alright! Women’s history is definitely something to celebrate. It’s a long and arduous road that we’ve come down to get where we are, and there’s still a long road ahead of us  to get where we deserve to be. A large part of the oppression of ...

14 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas that Don’t Suck

  Real talk, Valentine’s Day kind of sucks, especially for queer couples. With all this corporate heteronormativity everywhere and the idea that you have to spend loads of money to do the day properly, expectations get unreasonably high too quickly and nobody has a good time. So throw away the fancy dinner, flowers, chocolates, etc. and plan a date you’ll both actually enjoy. 14 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas that Don’t Suck ...
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How to Clean Out Your Closet and Give Back

New Year, new you? Awesome. Time to clean out your closet then. I get a LOT of questions this time of year through Spring Cleaning season about how to clean out your closet. So here’s a post giving you way more detail than you ever wanted on how to clean out your closet. This isn’t just the tactics to use when going through stuff, though. Oh no. This is how to follow up with the items you’re not keeping. I suppose you could ...
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Happy New Year, Patreon

Happy New Year to all! I do hope you had a safe but thoroughly fun New Year’s Eve and are now nursing your hangovers happy to see that we’ve left 2017 behind us. While I’m one of those types who actively tries to find the good in everything, there’s no denying that 2017 was a bit of a dumpster fire, no matter how you identify or where you stand. Cheers to the positivity that 2018 can only get better. As long as we set ...