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Cheeses of Europe

Earlier in the season, I met up with a group of other bloggers and we were treated to an amazing presentation by the company Cheeses of Europe. They presented us with four amazing cheeses and told us of their origins, flavor complex, and more. We even paired them with wines and other goodies! Needless to say, it was a great evening. But the best part? Taking home additional cheeses and a board to enjoy at home! Cue the most delicious blog ...

Fountainhead, Ravenswood

Oh do I love a good rooftop dining experience, especially in Chicago during the summer. It might be my favorite way to experience Chicago summers, actually. Good food, great weather and views, cool drinks, good company. It’s such a relaxed way to unwind. So when my cousin came in to visit, I had to wow her with a dining experience like no other. We headed to Fountainhead, a German-inspired restaurant in Ravenswood with a killer rooftop ...
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Public Hotel & Pump Room Summer Cocktail Launch

To kick off the best season in Chicago and show off their new seasonal cocktails, Public Hotel hosted a party for influencers in Chicago. A rooftop party. With cocktails. Literally the most signature Chicago thing you can do in the summer. Needless to say, we FLOCKED there in droves. I saw so many of my favorite blogger babes including Rachel of Wayfaring Rachel, Maddy of Chicago Cheap-Ass, Katie of Dining at my Desk, and Chrissy of The ...

Joy District Chi, the Grand Opening

Let me tell you about this awesome restaurant called Joy District. They’re stationed in River North and are one of those awesome concept places with three floors, one of which is a dope rooftop. I’m such a sucker for rooftops that anyone with one has automatically won me over simply with that. So before I get to the food, let me tell you about the restaurant itself. This place has some of the best styling I’ve ever seen at ...

Copper Fox, a Gastropub

Gastropub /ˈɡastrōˌpəb/ noun. British / a pub that specializes in serving high quality food. Basically, everything I loved about England. Right in the heart of Chicago. Naturally, when I walked by them I knew I was bound to go back to sample some delicious food. Copper Fox is one of the newer restaurants to grace the River North area. They’re so new, they don’t even have a website yet — just Facebook! Adorable logo, ...
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Brunch at DL Loft with Windy City Blogger Collective

Last weekend I got to attend a brunch with my favorite blogging group, the Windy City Blogger Collective. It’s a group of bloggers from around Chicago getting together to make our blogs bigger and better. You may remember them from the Blog Your Best 2016 conference I attended earlier this year. Basically, they’re amazing. The venue for our brunch was this amazing loft, DL Loft, which is an event space you can rent out for just ...
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Bloggers Who Brunch @ The Allis, Soho House

What happens when you get a group of amazing blogger babes together and you all go out? Brunch at one of Chicago’s most beautiful spots, that’s what. The wonderful Dasha of Windy City Wardrobe got this great group together to share a meal, meet each other, and just commiserate over being a blogger in this city of ours over some amazing food. We met up at The Allis inside Soho House. Left to right in the photo above we’ve ...

Vegan Tofu Satay

Are you drooling yet? One photo should be enough to make that happen. I know I am even thinking about how delicious this dish was. I’m always looking for new ways to cook up tofu and this seemed like a no brainer. I used to love chicken satay and sometimes Thai restaurants have tofu satay. It’s one of my favorite Thai dishes! How had I not made it at home yet? Well, that situation has been rectified thanks to this amazing meal. ...

Roasted Garlic BBQ Vegan Pizza

When a craving for pizza hits, nothing but pizza will satisfy. When a craving for barbecue pizza hits, I will all but refuse to eat anything else until barbecue pizza has been acquired. This recipe combines one of my favorite cooking techniques — roasting garlic– with  one of the easiest dishes to make — pizza! You’ll need: 1 head of garlic 1/2 tsp olive oil 1 roll premade pizza crust (I use Pilsbury. Pick your ...
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British Dinner Party

If you’ve been around here for a few months, you know my love affair with the UK. Anglophile might not even begin to cover it, though it does a good job of beginning to tell that story. Periodically, I take that love and turn it into something my friends can enjoy rather than listen to me whine about. In this case, that came in for form of a British Dinner Party, an evening themed and decorated with UK-themed pieces as well as bits and ...