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Queer Couple Makeup Challenge | My Wife Did My Makeup and It’s Hilarious

There’s nothing like a silly YouTube challenge to make you giggle and keep the chill off as we eagerly await Spring’s arrival. And, thus, Ari and I created the Queer Couple Makeup Challenge! I laid out all of my regular makeup products and turned her loose on my face. Enter hilarity. “The only one I know how to use is eyeliner.” Uh oh… Needless to say, this makeup challenge caused some amazing giggles along the ...

Wife Life | oVertone Haircare and Queer Identity

We’re back with another Wife Life, this time in video! We’ve had ovVrtone Haircare conditioner chilling in our bathroom for a while now waiting to be used, so with a day off, my wifey decided it would be a great opportunity to try it. Now she’s got some bomb ass hair to go along with her bomb ass personality. But I’m gonna let her take over from here. —– Wife Life | oVertone Haircare and Queer Identity You ...
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The 2017 Stile.Foto.Cibo Holiday Gift Guide | The LGBT Friendly Gift Guide You Never Knew You Needed

Okay, I know I said the holidays could wait but I am too excited to wait to share this with you all! It’s the 2017 Stile.Foto.Cibo Holiday Gift Guide, the LGBT Friendly Gift Guide You Never Knew You Needed! This baby has something for everyone on your list, from fashionistas to dog lovers, your LGTBQ crew, and the globetrotters. Plus, there’s some stuff just for you, dear reader, to get your holiday outfits looking as amazing as ...

Top Spring and Summer Beauty Products

When it comes to Spring and Summer, the number and range of beauty products I use increases dramatically. During the winter, I basically use the thickest lotion I can find, I barely touch my hair, and I kind of pretend makeup doesn’t exist. Then spring comes, temperatures rise, and I come out of hibernation feeling like some sort of butterfly who hasn’t quite found her color yet. It’s a chance to try new products, explore ...

This Blonde Has More Fun | Hair Color with Spoke and Weal

Every once in a while, it’s fun to do a hair refresh. Go in and let your stylist have their way with you. I’m incredibly attached to the length of my hair but I’m happy to let folks play with my color all they want. Enter Noemi from Spoke and Weal, a salon with a new location in Chicago. These folks know what they’re doing. Noemi is a coloring expert. From the moment I sat in her chair, I felt like I could completely ...

How to Make Your Lipstick Last through Dinner AND Drinks

You know the situation. You’re out on the town. Your makeup looks fly. You feel like you could conquer the world right now. Dinner rolls around, you eat the most delicious pasta you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying, and you pop to the restroom to check that fly makeup. Disaster. Your lipstick has feathered and faded in the patterns of the pasta you just ate. There’s no fixing this. Your options are either wipe it off and go ...

Lush Caca Rouge Henna Hair Color Review

I’ve been coloring my hair various shades of red since high school. My natural color is this dishwater blonde that just tends to look kind of dirty. And I LOVE red hair. Since I started Curly Girl, though, I’ve dramatically reduced the amount of color I use simply because of all the harsh chemicals in dyes. Curls are NOT a fan of hair dyes and it always takes me weeks for my curls to bounce back to life. And by the time the ...