Kendra Gives Back – Event to benefit the Youth Empowerment Performance Project (YEPP)

Kendra Gives back to the Youth Empowerment Performance Project with Stile.Foto.Cibo

I’ve got an event coming up!

On Wednesday August 29th from 6-8 pm, I will be at the Kendra Scott on Southport Ave in Chicago hosting a Kendra Gives Back to support one of my favorite LGBTQ Youth organizations, the Youth Empowerment Performance Project, or YEPP.

The mission of YEPP is to create a safe environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer youth experiencing homelessness to explore their history, investigate new ways to address their struggles and to celebrate their strengths through the process of developing a theatrical performance piece.

This org is amazing. The founder, Bonsai Bermudez, is one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing a space with. And they really know how to hustle! YEPP has performed in some amazing spaces all around the country thanks to the hard work and dedication of Bonsai.

LGBTQ Youth Homelessness Fact:

One in 30 youth ages 13-17 experienced a form of homelessness over a 12-month period and one in 10 young adults ages 18-25 experienced a form of homelessness over a 12-month period.

LGBTQ Youth Homelessness Fact:

Studies show that LGBTQ youth are at a higher risk for depression and anxiety than their non-LGBTQ identified peers. Furthermore, according to the Youth Suicide Prevention Program, 30 percent of LGBTQ youth attempt suicide once per year on average, while 50 percent of all transgender people will attempt suicide at least once before their 20th birthday. When LGBTQ youth are homeless, they often lose their health insurance or access to healthcare providers, making it a challenge to receive mental health help or guidance.

LGBTQ Youth Homelessness Fact:

Luckily, there are some homeless shelters in existence which specifically service the LGBTQ youth population. However, in the overall big picture, there are relatively few places LGBTQ youth can go where they feel safe and respected and still be out about their sexual orientation or gender identity. In fact, while LGBTQ youth make up roughly 40 percent of the population in youth homeless shelters, they’re also at the highest risk of experiencing violence, abuse, and exploitation.

LGBTQ Youth experiencing homelessness are some of the most under-served youth in the country. We’re working to help them as much as possible! So join us at Kendra Scott next Wednesday, August 27th, from 6-8 pm. Let’s raise those funds for the Youth Empowerment Performance Project and help LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness. I can’t wait to see you there! 

RSVP Here! 

Can’t make it for the event? Phone orders during the 6-8 pm slot will also be accepted. Call 708-669-0230. 

Want some shopping inspo? I’ve linked my fave Kendra Scott pieces (they’re all rose gold, surprise surprise) just below! 


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