The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Health and Wellness

The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Since the beginning of the year, I have embarked on an overall health and wellness journey for my body that has settled specifically into yoga and meditation/mindfulness.
Time for some blogger real talk. If you were around last year, you saw that I was actively working on my mental health. Doing anything I could to help settle my anxiety and depression. It all worked for a while. And then winter hit and suddenly nothing I did, including medication, was working. Therapy has historically not worked for me and, given our insurance plan, was just not in the cards. So I went to my doc and we had a good long chat about everything. And decided to try another track of medication. This would increase the dose of the drug I was already on and add in an additional drug. And, for the most part, that’s been helping.
But two of the side effects of the increased dose med are weight gain and carb cravings. We’re not going to talk about how much weight I have gained in the last year. Let’s just say I’m supremely unhappy with my body right now. In a way that has added a whole new level to my anxiety and depression. Just to keep everything new and exciting, right?
At the beginning of the year, I decided it was time to enact some active change. No more sitting around feeling bad for myself and waiting for something to happen. I was taking my health and well being into my own hands. So I dove in headfirst to a 31 days of yoga challenge, started doing guided meditation every single day, tracking my steps and sleep and food, and doing anything I possibly could to start getting data on my activity. Turns out, this is REALLY OVERWHELMING and I had to cut back after a solid month doing all of that.
I cut back my step goal, stopped tracking my food (and instead opted for a “don’t eat like poop” method of dieting), went to meditating when I needed/wanted to, and slowed down on the yoga. All of these things combined seemed to create a sweet spot of health and wellness that I could manage and that I felt good in.
Today, I’m sharing with you all of my favorite tools to track my health and wellness into a lifestyle I can manage but feel confident in.
The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness | Stile.Foto.Cibo


This has been the biggest help for me. I yoga three different ways.
  1. In a Studio – I’ve been practicing at Mirepoix Mercantile for a few months now. I go on Sunday mornings to a class taught my the magnificent Kari. This sets me up to be in a great spot for the week. A little body work, a little mindful relaxation, and a cup of kombucha after (which they have on tap with a rotating cast of flavors. It’s awesome, you guys).
  2. At Home – Home practice is huge for me. It’s a chance to explore what I learn in studio, a chance for me to simply have some me time, a chance to create exactly the environment I want down to the oils I rub on my mat, candles I light, etc. I can create a 100% customized to me environment and it helps so much. I will usually find a video on Yoga with Adriene to guide me so I don’t even have to think about it. But some days I want to flow how my body flows. The flexibility and freedom of a home practice is seriously wonderful.
  3. In Nature – If you are ever able, take your mat with you on a hike. When you’re removed from as many people as possible, lay out your mat, and flow however your body leads you. Take some time to meditate, to breathe, to listen to the sounds of nature, and to really connect with yourself. Most recently, I did this while driving from Paso Robles to LA on my Cali trip. I saw a sign for “vista point” and immediately pulled off and found a quiet spot overlooking this massive valley. Literally the best yoga experience I’ve ever had.

The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness | Stile.Foto.Cibo


Meditation is definitively not for everyone. There are folks who swear by it and there are folks who swear at or against it. And that’s 100% okay! But for those who are curious, want to try it, or are looking for some new meditation options, here are my favorites.
  1. Simple Habit – This meditation mobile app is available for most operating systems. From a quick session on the go to more intricate and deep practices, there’s a meditation for you. I like to do a session on my break at work, right before bed, or right after a home yoga practice. If you’re interested, use this link to get a two week free trial. After that, the options on the free account are actually spectacular.
  2. Breathe Bar in West Loop – Breathe Bar just opened up in West Loop and I couldn’t be more excited. This wellness studio offers guided meditation classes as well as on-demand meditation for when you just need some time alone to breathe. Explore what types of meditation resonate with you from Gong Baths to Crystal Singing Bowls as well as simpler practices. These guys have you covered.

The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Steps, Activity, and Sleep

Lots of people have fitbits, apple watches, etc. to track these things. I’m not at all going to try to sway you from your favorite fitness app. I’m just going to share mine with you.
  1. UP by Jawbone – This is, hands down, my favorite app. I can track my sleep, my steps, and my workouts and then the app crunches data for me and gives me a breakdown every single Sunday. It even has a built-in “Smart Coach” that gives you training tips and advice throughout the week. I can set my own step and sleep goals. And when I achieve these goals, it celebrates with me. It tells me when I’ve hit a streak of any number of days. And helps me stay on track.
    NOTE: Some older phone models will need to have a pedometer app synced to the app for this to work properly, but newer phone models should work with the internal pedometor.
  2. Apple Health – Okay, obviously with this one either you have an iPhone with it or you don’t. But I’ve been using the app to track everything I can as well as sync it with everything and essentially be a hub for all of my health and wellness related activities.

The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Health and Wellness | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Being a blogger can be stressful. Being a blogger with anxiety and depression is a constant battle between stress, excitement, highs, lows, grey days, and days where I’m barely out of bed, let alone doing any work. But with a great combination of health and wellness measures, it’s much easier to manage.

Looking for additional resources and guides on health and wellness? Check out for some awesome content and ways to integrate healthy habits into your every day life. I’m particularly fond of their guide on 12 Quick Stretches to Boost Day-time Productivity!

The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Health and Wellness | Stile.Foto.Cibo

The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Health and Wellness | Stile.Foto.Cibo

The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Health and Wellness | Stile.Foto.Cibo

The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Health and Wellness | Stile.Foto.Cibo

The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Health and Wellness | Stile.Foto.Cibo

The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Health and Wellness | Stile.Foto.Cibo

The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Health and Wellness | Stile.Foto.Cibo

I hope you found this helpful and can use some of the tips to manage your own health and wellness! What are some of your favorite ways to manage health and wellness? I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. Allie

    2017-04-24 at 10:51 am

    So glad that yoga and meditation have been such a help for you! I recently tried at home yoga, so I’ll be checking out Yoga with Adriene! I’ve been wanting to try meditation too. Also, those marble leggings are pretty amazing.


  2. Lephan

    2017-04-24 at 10:56 am


    This is incredible, thank you for being so open and sharing your vulnerability. Anxiety and depression are not openly discussed enough, I’m at fault for that myself. I’ve never had the strength to talk about my lows and highs, for the fear of burdening others. Thanks for the super inspiring post and tips! I’ll look into that meditation app.

    xo, Lephan

  3. Sally Kostielney

    2017-04-24 at 6:50 pm

    I love yoga! It is a very calming and peaceful exercise.

  4. Erica

    2017-04-25 at 5:45 pm

    Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to try the mediation app.

  5. Nakedlydressed

    2017-04-27 at 3:39 am

    Great article and what a beautiful view also love your tattoo on your hand

  6. Lily France

    2017-06-26 at 7:23 am

    OK so I’m very jealous of your workout location! It can be such a struggle to figure out the right balance between pushing yourself and taking it easy but it sounds like you’ve hit it just right 🙂

  7. Andreea @Green Zen Fit

    2017-06-26 at 12:23 pm

    I know what you mean, sometimes we set too many goals and just managing all of them becomes stressful, when they should be the cure. I do a mix of yoga, pilates, weights and meditation when I need it. Boxing is pretty great too when yoga doesn’t work 😉

  8. Tsvetelina

    2017-08-04 at 9:30 am

    This post is great, so educational. I really tried to do yoga but my brain keeps thinking about some random things. I need to give it a try again.

  9. Natalie Goodwin

    2017-08-04 at 2:41 pm

    Ohh, I’m so bad at yoga! I’ve been trying to add it in to my weekly workouts lately though, so hopefully I get better! I love beachbody on demand for workouts! There are so many options!

    xoxo, Natalie

  10. Debbie Savage

    2017-08-05 at 8:39 am

    You are inspirational! I haven’t done yoga in a long time. Your form is perfect! I need to get back into the flow!
    xo Debbie |

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