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Bloggers Who Brunch @ The Allis, Soho House

Bloggers Who Brunch

What happens when you get a group of amazing blogger babes together and you all go out? Brunch at one of Chicago’s most beautiful spots, that’s what.

The wonderful Dasha of Windy City Wardrobe got this great group together to share a meal, meet each other, and just commiserate over being a blogger in this city of ours over some amazing food. We met up at The Allis inside Soho House.

Left to right in the photo above we’ve got Sabrina of Styles by Sab, Lindsey of Butter & Type, Dasha of Windy City Wardrobe, me, and Jalpa of Samosa Pop. We also had Michaela of The Deep End Review, Dasha’s wonderful wife and our photographer for the day. It was so great to get together with other bloggers where we could really chat with each other about all things blogger and there was zero judgement over taking tons of photos (and standing on chairs to do so) and just being our blogger selves.

But let’s talk about The Allis for a second. Because oh my goodness.

This little photography haven is actually the lobby of Soho House and serves a very limited menu. Their brunch menu is less than 20 items and that includes pastries. But every single thing is so so good and $15 or less. So it’s perfect for those of us who have to brunch on a budget but still want to have a wonderful and delicious time. Between all of us, we sampled a hearty portion of the menu and I think it’s safe to say we all really enjoyed what we had to eat.

My favorite item was definitely The Allis Breakfast. It’s avocado, hard eggs, smoked salmon, tomatoes, and toast all for you to mix and match and mash and devour. I also highly recommend the grilled cheese (there’s goats cheese on this, people!) and their lattes which are as delicious as they are beautiful. I definitely plan on going back very soon as it was so good.

I mean… I DO have a birthday coming up next month… (THIS IS A GIANT HINT!)

Beyond their brunch, The Allis is known for their afternoon tea which is served every single day and ridiculously popular. Definitely book in advance for that. Their lunch menu, equally small, is rumored to be wonderful as well. I’m convinced this place can do no wrong.

Now on to the photos!

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

A good portion of our spread. Check out those amazing plates!

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

The Allis Breakfast

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

That wonderful grilled cheese. Comes with a smoky tomato dipping sauce.

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Gorgeous latte art. Decaf for me!

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Check out these blogger babes!

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Of course there were mimosas to be had.

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Gorgeous decor everywhere!

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

A little salmon and avocado toast from The Allis Breakfast. Delicious!

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

More of that gorgeous latte art. I’m a sucker for pretty milk.

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

In case you forget where you are, there’s gorgeous art to remind you!

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

And this wonderful piece.

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

That grilled cheese again. With the tomato sauce dip. So. Good.

The Allis @ Soho House | Stile.Foto.Cibo

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  1. Erin @ Loop Looks

    2016-04-14 at 9:20 am

    You all look very lovely!

    I live down the street and have yet to go to the Allis for brunch. However, I have been to the Chicken Shop upstairs for both dinner and brunch and it’s very tasty, too.

    1. Dāsha

      2016-04-14 at 1:40 pm

      Hi Erin! The Chicken Shop was my first stop as well. That’s how I got the idea to get a group together.


  2. Estephanie

    2016-04-14 at 9:50 am

    Hi ! Thanks for sharing!
    Blogger brunches are the best!! You really get to connect with one another on a more intimate level. And that place looks
    Amazing! It kind of reminds me of Cecconis at soho
    Beach house here in Miami! You should definitely come and visit some time. 😉 great post!!

  3. Dāsha

    2016-04-14 at 1:41 pm

    I couldn’t have asked for better company. Excited to keep the blogger brunches going!

  4. Dave

    2016-04-14 at 2:24 pm

    So great to get to gather with a group of bloggers like that. (Being a blogger can get isolating!) The for looks wonderful and all that standing on chairs paid off with the wonderful images 🙂

  5. welcomepresence

    2016-04-14 at 2:27 pm

    So great to get together with a group of bloggers! (blogging can become so isolating if you let it) All that standing on chairs paid off with some great images. The people, the place, and the food look terrific.

  6. stylesprinter

    2016-04-14 at 3:36 pm

    That’s so great that you actually get together and meet in person! Sometimes blogging could feel lonely because you only interact with people over Internet. It’s very important to meet in person so we don’t lose the connection with real life! ;))

  7. Shannon Paige

    2016-04-14 at 8:24 pm

    First off- grilled cheese dipped in tomato anything is my favorite comfort meal, like, ever. Secondly- this place looks amazing and mimosas must always be had at brunch lol! My mom is meeting her blogger friend for the first time this weekend too- she’s coming over to our house, my mom is pretty excited. And lastly, I don’t like fish but salmon is okay for me because it’s pretty light from what I remember…and that actually sounds really yummy with avocado.

  8. ashleysedbona

    2016-04-15 at 9:49 am

    Ahhhh I was with you all in spirit! This looks like an amazing meet-up! And you can’t ever go wrong with a meal at the Allis (I mean the plates alone are worth a visit, amiright??).

    You all looked positively gorgeous. And now I’m a little hangry for some Allis nosh…


    Ashley || Sed Bona

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