I finally did it! I finally actively looked for and found a jumpsuit. I’ve been waffling on how I feel about them for months. They look good on others but would they look good on me? What do I wear it with? How the hell do I style this thing? I have super long legs and a super long torso, what do I do?!

Well, I had an event to attend (ROOF Runway with Glossed and Found and Topshop), nothing new to wear, and a might need to find something classy. I fell IN LOVE with WeWoreWhat’s white jumpsuit, as seen on Damsel in Dior’s snapchat story and just sort of decided that I would find a jumpsuit that worked for me.

Let me tell you, it took a little while. I tried on a LOT of jumpsuits. I knew I wanted something solid, no patterns. And neutral would probably be best. Everything I tried on would fit my leg and not my torso (the amount of dressing room camel toes that happened was, frankly, embarrassing), or would fit my torso and be awkwardly short. Some pieces were the right proportion but were so big in the chest and strapless that they would be falling off all night. I just could. not. win. And then I found the one pictured at Charlotte Russe.


Let me tell you how great it is.

But first, it’s got just a few shortcomings: the top still is a little big. I wasn’t pulling it up as much as I could have. But I definitely had to pay attention to that. And the zipper. I need help zipping this thing, lest I perform weird acts of contortion trying to zip it myself. The garmet keeps flopping to the sides whenever the zipper is undone and it really is a struggle to get closed on one’s own. Bathroom trips are kept to a minimum when I’m wearing this.


Other than that, this thing is awesome! Super sleek, it’s entirely a one and done kind of piece. Add a delicate necklace and some statement shoes and I’m good to go. It doesn’t need anything else!









What are your jumpsuit experiences? Love em? Hate em? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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