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Back in Action

I am such a whiny baby when it comes to being sick. A small case of the sniffles and I instantly become that person walking around with a box of kleenex attached to my hip. But I usually at least tough it out. This entire last week, I was entirely out of commission for most of the week. Friday, though, I finally felt good enough to get out of the house. And go directly to rehearsal for a choir concert. So I celebrated with some bright spring ...

Spring has Sprung!

  It’s SO NICE OUTSIDE! If spring isn’t here, it’s doing a really good job of faking it. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to wear these shoes for a while now. The weather finally warmed up enough to justify it! Clutch || Shoes

10 Bits of Advice for my Younger Self #DearMe

So there’s a hashtag on YouTube right now called #DearMe in honor of International Women’s Day. Creators are making videos giving advice to their younger selves. I’m not one for the video thing so I’m just going to partake here (a little late) and encourage you all to as well. I was the worrywart kid who constantly cared what everyone thought of me and would pretend I didn’t like something or just closet like ...

Dry Brushing: A review

Now, I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed, but this winter has been quite a brutal one. And, for those of you who have been reading for a long time, you’ll know that cold weather makes my skin dry out like no other. It’s like the freaking arctic tundra on my legs. All the DIY beauty tricks in the world can only temporarily relieve the issues. A few days later, my skin is back to flaking like there’s no tomorrow. ...

Extreme Wanderlust: Homesick for the UK

Have you ever missed something so badly that it very nearly physically hurts your heart to not have it? That you would do damn near anything to get it? That’s how my day has gone. It was only two study abroad trips but my time in the UK was so life-changing that I would solidly call it home. With soul searching, traveling, being away from what I had previously known as home, and feeling really, truly, as though I was in a place where I ...
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Nose to the Grindstone

You know those weeks where you have so much work to do you don’t know how you’ll get it all done and in the meantime oh my goodness everything seems to be exploding in your personal life and you are simply running out of energy to do things like eat let alone blog? That’s been the last week for me. And will continue to be this coming week. Now don’t get me wrong on the work front, I love having work to do. I love that ...
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Fishtail French Braid Updo, Blanket Scarves, and Doggy Debut!

Last weekend, Chicago displayed its most undecided weather and gave us a day of sun and warmth immediately followed by a day of cold, extreme wind, snow, and gross. Conveniently, we decided the warm day would be a good day to take Zoe Dog on an adventure around her new neighborhood. We walked over 2.5 miles, discovered sand, met other dogs, chased squirrels, played in the mud, and had a grand ol’ time. Safe to say, she was exhausted ...

Vegan Tofu Benedict with Avocado and Beer Bread

So let me tell you about my Saturday morning. 7:00 rolls around and the dog upstairs scampers down the stairwell (which our bed shares a wall with so we hear everyone going up and down) and wakes Zoe up. Like every morning. Suddenly Zoe realizes she also has to go outside so we get all bundled up in our respective coats, venture out into the world, and greet the day like any good dog should. Come back inside, have some doggy breakfast, and ...

Statement Necklace Styling and Dog!

Sunday’s outfit was inspired by Dolled Up With Liz’s post, “Never dull your sparkle!” about styling an entire outfit around a statement necklace. So that is exactly what I did, inspired entirely by her outfit. I know this chambray has been featured in my last three outfit posts. I promise that 1) it’s been clean (we’ve hat a lot of laundry to do lately. And I’ve just been tossing it in) and 2) I will ...

Vacation Week!

Happy Monday! I believe the quote “may your coffee be strong and your Monday be short” is appropriate for many today. For me, it’s vacation week! Well, it’s staycation week. I’ve got this glorious week off between my contracts at my job that’s giving me a chance to catch up with everything and be ready to go into what is going to be a VERY crazy busy spring theatre season. I’ve got 4 shows between ...