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JBU by Jambu | Wanderlust with Vegan Shoes

Cali Wanderlust During my travels to California, I got to meet up with one of my favorites, Carra. She’s a bomb photographer and videographer and she just moved to LA. Which means OF COURSE we had to get together and shoot and catch up. The result? An amazing tour of Venice Beach, photos I can’t get anywhere in Chicago, and some quality time with an amazing human being. I love being able to travel and explore but my favorite ...

Designer on a Budget | Who What Wear + Generation Bliss

Happy Friday Eve, folks! I’m in LA right now and headed up to Paso Robles and Wine Country shortly to go #WishUponaVine with some fellow amazing blogger babes. But I’m still bringing you fresh content and looks! And keep an eye out for an awesome LA on a Budget guide coming to the blog soon. Because this city might have just nudged its way into my top 5 favorites of all time. Designer on a Budget Back with another awesome way to ...

Designer on a Budget | Who What Wear at Target

But look at her shoes! Talk to anyone who knows me well for any amount of time and inevitably my love of designer will come up. Designer everything but ESPECIALLY shoes. I spend NYFW literally swooning over the shoes on the runway. Sore, the garments are always awesome and I love scoping out next season’s trends and seeing how different designers develop, but I am constantly obsessed with the shoes. Dreams of a closet full of ...

Pop the Champagne

Pop the Champagne, Start the Party I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that I have a relatively casual style. I love playing with contrast and having one dressy and one hyper-casual piece. The levels created are something of a favorite of mine. And so finding an awesome graphic tee to dress up is exactly what I’m looking for! I’ve posted about t&j designs countless times so you already know how much I love them. This ...

Jackets with Military Inspiration

In case you missed the memo, military-inspired pieces are cropping up EVERYWHERE! Just look at Burberry’s latest runway to see what I mean. And that’s not the only place it’s rocking. I love the structure and lines these pieces create and I’m enamored with the style as a whole. Jackets are an accessory that I don’t quite… get. Like, they’re all so cute but I can never style them! It’s either ...

Heels and Layers

No matter what time of year, I’m obsessed with wearing heels. Yes, this means my feet are freezing cold a ton of the time but I’m okay with that. My philosophy on shoes is that they should always be fabulous, no matter what. And sometimes that means having chilly feet in the name of fabulous shoes. So what do you do to combat that? Add layers, of course! Jazz up a button down with a blazer then top it all off with a peacoat and ...

Rocksbox | Jewelry Gone Unlimited

Hey guys! I have a New Year’s Secret for you! Come on over and let me tell you about this awesome deal I have for you. A great way to up your glam status in 2017. Jewelry and I have a complicated relationship. I go through mood swings of sorts with styles and pieces and colors and everything. One day I’m loving all silver everything and the next, I want nothing to do with it. I love rainbows of color one month and none the next. ...

NYE Sparkle with t+j Designs

I know, I know. You’re seeing this outfit and thinking “Wait, NYE is for heels and dresses!” But hear me out! Casual Glam for New Year’s Eve So you’re at your party and you’re having a great awesome time. You’re probably getting a little tipsy because it’s NYE and you wanna get down. But wearing a short skirt/dress and heels is a recipe for a NYEmbarassment. What if instead of making a fool, ...
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Honeymoon | Caleta Tankah Tulum

Ready for a long walk on the beach with me? Well, if it’s chilly where you are, pour yourself something warm, wrap up in a blanket, and get ready for a good long meander!  Our second week of honeymoon dawned bright and promising. We set out on a walk with the destination of the Tulum Ruins. The walk didn’t seem that long from the map and it looked like it was all beach the whole way. So we packed a bag, grabbed some water ...

Swimsuit Hack | One Pieces for Long Torsos

You know what I love? One piece swimsuits. You know what I hate? Shopping for one piece swimsuits. Hi, my name is Dannie and I have a very long torso. No but for real, the moment one pieces had over summer was fantastic. I loved how everyone was trying them out and abandoning the belief that only certain body types can wear them. They can be sexy and slinky and the most amazing way to rock the beach ever. But having a long torso legitimately ...