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Statement Sleeves and Blue Stripes, Spring Style

“You’re the most fashionable librarian I’ve ever met.” Actual quote from an actual person while out shopping the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale. Which, by the way, if stunning bags are your thing, get to a store or shop online right now! Got myself a gorgeous little quilted number that I’m not showing you guys quite yet but that I’m beyond excited about. It was an actual moment of “Hello, gorgeous! ...

Fashion for Rescue Dogs with The Rescue Runway

Fur the love of rescue dogs Recently, I was lucky enough to team up with Christine of The Rescue Runway to go hang out with some dogs at Anti-Cruelty and shoot some outfits with them. Yep, rescue dogs and fashion. Basically my dream come true. And that’s Christine’s entire blog concept! Helping rescue dogsĀ find homes through fashion. It’s kind of amazing. I highly recommend checking her out ASAP. And in the meantime, check ...

Summertime Chi | Summer Style in Chicago

Sarah immediately requested I call this post “legs for days” when she saw my outfit choice. And I don’t blame her. Mini skirt + wedges? Yeah, that’s a legs for days kind of outfit. But this is so much more than that. This look is my nod to summer in Chicago (or as we lovingly call it, Summertime Chi), to the promise of long warm days, cool nights on rooftops with amazing people, and so many other different activities ...

BCBGMAXARIZA + Blogger Babes

With the sunshine in Chicago this weekend, my gal Caitlin and I made plans to head out to the lakefront to shoot. And, Chicago being the amazing city that it is, gave us that promised sunshine! With a windchill. Us bloggers, though, we brave a lot more than a slightly chilly day for the perfect photo. Let’s just say there was a ton of hot coffee and warm layers when I got home. But when you have an awesome blogger babe on your side and ...
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Springtime in Chicago

Lately, I’ve been consuming all things spring. From springy music that puts a little pep in my step to the fresh flowers at the grocery store. Which, obviously, includes spring fashion. And, oh boy, I’ve got tons of stuff coming up for you guys. Keep an eye out for your Thursday morning posts because the spring style I’ve got going on it killer. This dress in particular isn’t actually that springy. Black isn’t a ...

Vintage Stripes in Spring

Okay so calling this dress “vintage” might be a bit of a stretch. I don’t actually know how old it is. It’s from a friend’s closet. One of those “I think you’ll like this and I’m not wearing it anymore” kind of dresses. Which can sometimes make some of the best looks. Like this one right here! Another way to rock my favorite Sam Edelman flats in a whole different way. This look is much ...

Satin is the New Velvet | Spring Style

Velvet had its run this past fall and winter as the trending fabric. But now it’s spring and, once Chicago starts acting like it, I’m breaking out satin as my signature spring style fabric. These flats by Sam Edelman are easily the best shoe investment I’ve made in a while. They’re a great color [and come in tons more!], they lace up super comfortably, and they make such a statement with their cut. Basically, ...

Beautiful Jumpsuit

If you’re subscribed to my email list, you’ll know that I’ve been super struggling with my body image lately. I haven’t felt pretty or confident or any of those other words people so often use. I’ve always struggled with these things. Lately, though, the struggle has been more difficult than usual. Sometimes it takes as little as one bad photo to set the whole balance off. Being a blogger, I can’t even ...

Spring Dress

Happy Spring! Somehow we made it through winter. Through weird weather, sudden blizzards, rain on rain on rain on rain, and more. Winter was definitely weird this year but we made it to spring! And rumor has it the weekend is supposed to be beautiful. So I’m taking what I can get! Spring is such a hopeful time of year. Little flowers coming up despite the cold, buds on the trees, the sound of baby birds EVERYWHERE, and so much more. ...
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JBU by Jambu | Wanderlust with Vegan Shoes

Cali Wanderlust During my travels to California, I got to meet up with one of my favorites, Carra. She’s a bomb photographer and videographer and she just moved to LA. Which means OF COURSE we had to get together and shoot and catch up. The result? An amazing tour of Venice Beach, photos I can’t get anywhere in Chicago, and some quality time with an amazing human being. I love being able to travel and explore but my favorite ...