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Plaid for Days- Blanket Scarf Edition

  I somehow managed to really luck out making my way to Target shortly after Thanksgiving. Wandered towards scarves just to check. This scarf has been so impossible to fine. I knew it would be fruitless but I wanted to look anyway. Lo and behold, lucky day! It is every bit as soft and snuggly as I wanted it to be.   Turtleneck sweaters mean I can style this a little differently as my neck is already being kept warm. I love wearing ...

Winter is Coming- And it's Not Stopping Me!

  Temperatures in Chicago are shamelessly and ruthlessly dropping every single day. Gone are the days of heat waves, replaced by cold snaps that never really snap back. But that isn’t going to stop my lady and I from wandering to the beach. We’ll just bundle up a little more. And then promptly un-bundle to snap some photos. Suddenly coats are infinitely better when they’re a tick sandy and you’re just on the ...
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Holmes and Watson @ City Lit

Once in a while, I am not working on a show and do not have rehearsal or anything on a weekend. And on those weekends, I get to actually go see shows. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, I’m always excited to go and see what other theatre companies are offering. City Lit is currently presenting Holmes and Watson, a dramatisation of “A Scandal in Bohemia” and “The Final Problem.” Suffice to say, ...

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Rental

Hi all! Welcome to a very special guest blog from AnaphylacticVegan. However, this is not going to be about food, vegan or not, instead, it’s going to be about Gwynnie Bee. Many of you are of course familiar with some variety of clothing subscription or rental service. As a bigger lady, though, I’ve been hesitant to try any. I am the kind of person who has to try on 5 dresses to find one that fits and even then it’s not usually a good ...

The Perfect Leopard Flat

I’ve been on a mission this fall: find the perfect leopard flat. I do lots of walking in my commute and sometimes, heels are just not a good idea. I’ve been on the prowl for a leopard flat to keep my feet comfy while still looking nice. It took lots of trying on shoes and lots of figuring out exactly what I wanted. I definitely wanted something flat. Which ruled out those gorgeous booties up top (though I would be lying if I ...
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Open House Chicago

  Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit of an architecture nerd. After spending time in London, I’m in a perpetual state of looking up, pointing my camera at buildings, and wanting to learn about the detail and history of those buildings. So imagine my excitement when I was available for this year’s Open House Chicago event! Spread out over a weekend, buildings not usually open to the public open up their doors and allow ...
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Chicago Fashion Week!

I hadn’t realized Chicago Fashion Week was a thing until very recently. And by very recently, I mean on the Thursday of said fashion week! Oops. Still, Thursday was apparently early enough to still manage to attend some events and get a taste for fashion in Chicago. I attended two events: HAUS of HUMANITY Menswear Runway Event and Fashion Forward! The Fashion Market Runway and Selling event. HAUS of HUMANITY was rather tiny (the ...
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A Chill is in the air

One of my favorite style blogs that I follow, Damsel in Dior, recently did a post on 40 reasons to love fall. Inspired, I decided to create my own chilly list. Scarves. Warm, thick, snuggly soft scarves to curl up in. Tea. I drink tea all summer long regardless but a hot cuppa coming in from a chilly walk is just too wonderful. Apple everything. Apple picking. Apple baking. Apple cider. All of it. Fall color photography. Snuggling into a ...

Fall Favorites

My top favorites this season! 1) Big Buddha Plaid Lace Infinity Scarf This scarf is so warm and cozy. With the blanket scarf trend happening right now, I needed in. I love any excuse to wear plaid- I blame my time spent in Scotland surrounded by Tartans. With a touch of lace, this scarf has a gloriously girly touch to jazz up any outfit. The style I found appears to be sold out though similar can be found here. 2) essie Aruba Blue Nail Color ...