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Light Fall Jacket and Floral Embroidery

When I initially started writing this, I wanted to have you close your eyes and imagine a scenario. And then I remembered that this is the internet and if you close your eyes, you can’t read my post! Silly me. So let’s go with an eyes-open imagination exercise instead. It’s a crisp fall day. Chilly — but not too chilly — and you’re meandering down your favorite nature-lined path. The leaves are turning, soft sunlight is trickling ...

New York Fashion Week Recap

New York Fashion Week Recap I’m finally getting the chance to sit and look back on everything going on with Fashion Week! I attended a few shows but also kept an eye on presentations going on around me. After sharing a full itinerary of how to to NYFW on a budget, I figured it’s high time for a New York Fashion Week recap. From the shows I attended to my favorite NYFW designers, this was such an amazing time. I’m thrilled I got ...
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Comfortable booties for fall | JBU by Jambu

Jambu and travel seem to just go so well together when it comes to my lifestyle. I always find myself enjoying a new pair of JBU by Jambu shoes right when I’m about to travel somewhere. Last season, I rocked the Riviera sandal and now this season, the Parker accompanied me to New York Fashion Week. Talk about a great combination! These boots are so spectacular that I’ve been referring to them by name. Instead of saying “Where are my boots?” ...

Top Budget-Friendly Denim Picks for Fall

Finding a good pair of jeans can be impossible. How many times have we gone to our favorite store, brought a dozen different pairs into the dressing room in different sizes, and then find that not a single one of them fit?! Well, I’m taking some of the guesswork out of all of this for you. Every single pair in these picks are less than $150 and rock some of my favorite trends, from classic to Autumn ’17 styles. Fashion sites like ...
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Summer Playlist, Last Dance | Musical Mondays

Last Dance, tonight Did you all know that I used to be a dancer? Like, age 8 through 23. Studied it in college, in London, and here in Chicago. Ballet is in my veins. So when I went to shoot this look, and I started goofing off in the grass, Sarah told me to just play around while she snapped photos. I was going to talk about the end of summer, enjoying the last of the warmth before we get to break out sweaters and scarves, but then I ...
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Glass Full. Schedule Empty. | The Boyfriend Tee Commitment Free

Glass Full, Schedule Empty That’s gotta be your motto when you’re rocking this amazing tee, crafted by the amazing Chloe of Chloe’s Cravings. This boozy tee is the best when you’ve got a cozy night in with your favorite bottle of wine, great to rock for a casual weekend look, or pretty much anywhere you happen to be also drinking wine. Made with a Drink in Hand Remember when I told y’all about Shopbuzzed? Chloe ...

End-of-summer Style, Palm Print Top

End-of-summer style, not pre-fall style So many people are talking about fall fashion already, especially with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in full swing. That’s all fine and dandy but it’s still summer! I’m looking at end-of-summer style to carry me through into those crisp fall days. Don’t get me wrong, fall is my favorite! But I’m living it up in the sun until we hit Labor Day sales. This palm print ...
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Summer Wrap Dress from SheIn

This post is a collaboration with SheIn. I received the dress complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own!  Easy summer style, easy summer wrap dress Looking for a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon in Chicago while enjoying some sweet sweet air conditioning and sipping on a glass of wine? I recently had the best time doing just that with my wife and mother-in-law, Laura, at City Winery Chicago. First up, coffee ...

Swimsuit Love All Summer Long | fab’rik Style

At this point, it’s no secret how much I love fab’rik Wicker Park. Maria, the owner, is a truly wonderful human being and I’ve never gotten clothes from her that I didn’t absolutely love! So when I heard  she was releasing swimsuits, you KNOW I was all over that. This is made even better by the fact that they’re all one-piece beauties. I’m sure by now you’ve read my One Piece Swimsuit Hack post but these pieces don’t need to be hacked ...

A Rose by Any Other Name

The Rose is without an explanation; She blooms because She blooms. – Angelus Silesius, German Poet Happy July! Okay, so I know July started several days ago but I’ve always felt like July doesn’t really begin until we celebrate Independence Day and then take a day to recover from that. The first three days of July are entirely devoted to prep for the 4th, then we stay up way too late and enjoy fireworks and backyard barbeques. By the ...