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Brunch at the Chicago Diner

That love affair with brunch is back. This time it’s at the Chicago Diner in Boystown! Prior to a show we were seeing nearby (The Winter’s Tale by Promethean Theatre Ensemble at the Athenaeum, now closed) we decided it was necessary to stop for some fuel. Due to crazy schedules combined with a fear of the crazy lines Chicago Diner is known for, we have never actually been there for brunch, only dinners on weeknights so as to ...
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Holmes and Watson @ City Lit

Once in a while, I am not working on a show and do not have rehearsal or anything on a weekend. And on those weekends, I get to actually go see shows. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, I’m always excited to go and see what other theatre companies are offering. City Lit is currently presenting Holmes and Watson, a dramatisation of “A Scandal in Bohemia” and “The Final Problem.” Suffice to say, ...
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Sushi Date Night

With seriously conflicting work schedules, it has been incredibly difficult for my lady and I to find time to have together. Combine that with both of us having a particularly intense craving for sushi and the first free night we both had off (and weren’t phenomenally exhausted), we ventured out into the cold to a chic little sushi spot for some well-deserved rolls. Dib Sushi sits in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood right off the ...
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Bonfire Night Chicago Style

Remember, remember the fifth of November | gunpowder, treason, and plot | I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot A distinctly English holiday, Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is a night to warm up by a fire, watch some fireworks, and remember that time someone tried to overthrow government and failed. I had the pleasure of being in London for Bonfire Night one year. We didn’t actually manage to find ...
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Chicago has an obsession with brunch. Being raised in Chicago, I, too, have an obsession with brunch. Finding brunch places with good vegan options is often rather difficult. We happened to wander past Nookie’s Edgewater (also known as Nookies 4) while my cousin was visiting. Intrigued, my lady took to the internet and investigated their food offerings. We were more than happy to discover that they had a vegan option on their menu. A ...
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Open House Chicago

  Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit of an architecture nerd. After spending time in London, I’m in a perpetual state of looking up, pointing my camera at buildings, and wanting to learn about the detail and history of those buildings. So imagine my excitement when I was available for this year’s Open House Chicago event! Spread out over a weekend, buildings not usually open to the public open up their doors and allow ...
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Chicago Fashion Week!

I hadn’t realized Chicago Fashion Week was a thing until very recently. And by very recently, I mean on the Thursday of said fashion week! Oops. Still, Thursday was apparently early enough to still manage to attend some events and get a taste for fashion in Chicago. I attended two events: HAUS of HUMANITY Menswear Runway Event and Fashion Forward! The Fashion Market Runway and Selling event. HAUS of HUMANITY was rather tiny (the ...
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A Chill is in the air

One of my favorite style blogs that I follow, Damsel in Dior, recently did a post on 40 reasons to love fall. Inspired, I decided to create my own chilly list. Scarves. Warm, thick, snuggly soft scarves to curl up in. Tea. I drink tea all summer long regardless but a hot cuppa coming in from a chilly walk is just too wonderful. Apple everything. Apple picking. Apple baking. Apple cider. All of it. Fall color photography. Snuggling into a ...

Apple Picking

Fall days bring a chill in the air and an ever-present scent of cinnamon everything. My favorite pairing with cinnamon is, of course, apples. While everyone’s fawning all over pumpkin everything (which is, admittedly, good) I’m itching to dive head first into vats of apple cider. So, of course, once that familiar chill of fall arrives, I need to venture to the nearest apple orchard and pick a peck with which to make my entire ...

Date Night In

I mentioned I just moved? The lady and I have created a new nest for ourselves in this wonderful little space. This place felt homey when we first visited it free of any sort of furniture. Now that we’ve settled in a bit more, it doesn’t just feel like home- it is home. But we’re both incredibly busy so a date night in is just what we need to properly settle. Having the day off, I was able to spend plenty of time preparing. ...