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Playing Tourist in My Own City

It is a poorly kept secret that I hate tourists and I hate crowds. And yet, for some bizarre reason, I work right in the heart of tourist land. As with every summer, as soon as the weather begins to warm up, I find myself surrounded by them simply trying to get to and from the train when it’s time to commute. And yet despite my dislikes, when I find myself with some time to kill after work, wonderful early evening sun, and pleasant ...
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Beehive in Bloom: A Vintage Fashion Show

This weekend, Beehive Chicago, a vintage shop in East Garfield Park, hosted Beehive in Bloom, a Vintage Fashion Show and Benefit! 20% of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Howard Brown Health Center, an organization whose mission is to to eliminate the disparities in health care experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people through research, education and the provision of services that promote health and ...
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Alex and Ani, Cinco de Meow, and other Animal Benefitting Things!

Lots to cover in a single post! Let’s get to it! So slightly more than a week ago, I won an awesome Alex and Ani giveaway by the blogger Styled by Blondie. If you’re not following her, make sure to go check her out! It was for a $35 gift certificate which equated to one bangle with shipping and stuff. I ended up going with the Prints of Love Charm bangle. 20% of the sales of this particular bangle go to the ACPCA with a minimum ...

Upcycled Planting for Earth Day!

Whaaaaat?! Two posts in one day?! Crazy talk! But I’m super pumped about these so I want to share them ASAP. Chicago does that thing there it’s freaking freezing for so much of the year that our growing season doesn’t really officially start until Mother’d Day. But Earth Day is a good day to start planning and planting heartier stuff. For me, I like to start inside and work my way out. So I ventured to my local garden ...
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Easter Dress

I totally get why everyone loves pastels and light floral patterns and stuff for easter but I’m all about bold colors and patterns. So I pulled this Francesca’s dress out of my closet for the celebrations today. It’s from two years ago but continues to be a favorite of mine. Paired with this H&M denim jacket and an Aldo necklace, and we’re all set for a picnic on the beach! Everyone was looking extra cute today. ...
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Virgin Hotels, Two Zero Three Coffee House

Right down the street from my work, a new Virgin Hotel has opened up. And with the hotel came this great coffee shop called Two Zero Three — the name comes from their address. They’ve done a spectacular job of hyping themselves right on their building so I was already excited for them to open up. Then Chicagoist and Chicago Eater both hyped the place and I got even MORE excited to find out that it was a coffee and wine bar. Color ...

10 Bits of Advice for my Younger Self #DearMe

So there’s a hashtag on YouTube right now called #DearMe in honor of International Women’s Day. Creators are making videos giving advice to their younger selves. I’m not one for the video thing so I’m just going to partake here (a little late) and encourage you all to as well. I was the worrywart kid who constantly cared what everyone thought of me and would pretend I didn’t like something or just closet like ...
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Nose to the Grindstone

You know those weeks where you have so much work to do you don’t know how you’ll get it all done and in the meantime oh my goodness everything seems to be exploding in your personal life and you are simply running out of energy to do things like eat let alone blog? That’s been the last week for me. And will continue to be this coming week. Now don’t get me wrong on the work front, I love having work to do. I love that ...
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Fishtail French Braid Updo, Blanket Scarves, and Doggy Debut!

Last weekend, Chicago displayed its most undecided weather and gave us a day of sun and warmth immediately followed by a day of cold, extreme wind, snow, and gross. Conveniently, we decided the warm day would be a good day to take Zoe Dog on an adventure around her new neighborhood. We walked over 2.5 miles, discovered sand, met other dogs, chased squirrels, played in the mud, and had a grand ol’ time. Safe to say, she was exhausted ...
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Stovetop Potpourri and Cozy Fridays

This grip of cold around Chicago hasn’t quite released yet. And this apartment, while not freezing, is certainly not warm. It’s been rather chilly around here. We’ve pulled out the heated blanket, the flannel sheets, and additional blankets on top of that. To be honest, though, that’s probably my favorite part of winter. The layers. I’m such a blanket fiend. We have no less than three blankets out at any one ...