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Honeymoon | Cabana Life

We’ve reached that point in winter where everyone’s sick of the cold and aching for spring, warmer weather, and some sun. I had been saving these photos for exactly that time of year. And as NYC is having snow days and Chicago is less than 20, it seems like the best time to share these photos. They recall, for me, an incredibly romantic and relaxing break in the craziness of life. Just my wife, me, and the beach for endless sunny ...

Puppy Love | I Love You Sixteen

My puppy is one of the most important parts of my life. Next to my wife and my other puppy, that is. Basically, my life revolves on those I share a home with and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When we first adopted Zoe, I had no idea that my life would, quite literally, go to the dogs. I just wanted a fuzzy companion to cuddle and love, and I wanted to give a dog a second chance at life by rescuing. Little did we know that would ...

Grounds and Hounds

It’s an ill kept secret that I adore coffee. It’s even LESS of a secret that I adore dogs. So what happens when I get the opportunity to work with a coffee company that donates money to dog rescues? I pounce on the opportunity, wagging my invisible tail!   Have a Little Dog With Your Coffee Grounds and Hounds might just be my new favorite brand of all time. Over everything else. Just. In general. I’m officially in love ...
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Honeymoon | Caleta Tankah Tulum

Ready for a long walk on the beach with me? Well, if it’s chilly where you are, pour yourself something warm, wrap up in a blanket, and get ready for a good long meander!¬† Our second week of honeymoon dawned bright and promising. We set out on a walk with the destination of the Tulum Ruins. The walk didn’t seem that long from the map and it looked like it was all beach the whole way. So we packed a bag, grabbed some water ...

Honeymoon | Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa

In looking for a destination for a honeymoon, we knew we wanted to be slightly off the beaten path. Somewhere that would still take care of us but allow for exploring on our own. Tulum allowed for that magnificently. So I did some searching for all-inclusive resorts near Tulum and came upon the Dreams chain of hotels. Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa offers the perfect luxurious getaway for honeymooners looking to step away from a more touristy ...
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Holiday Gift Guide 2016

It’s officially that time of year! The time when we flood the malls, buy so many different gifts. For friends, family, your pets, and even yourself! It’s exhausting and so difficult to really nail the perfect gift for everyone. Will she really like that mug? Does she have it? Who knows! And does he need another set of cufflinks? Probably not. Enter me. I have scoured the internet for the greatest gifts for a whole number of ...
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Wedding Day with Stile.Foto.Cibo

It’s our wedding day! I’m so excited to share this day with friends and family and finally stand up and tell everyone how much I love this amazing woman. Our rehearsal ¬†dinner last night was absolutely amazing and now today finally here. After nearly two years. My favorite advice someone gave me leading up to this was simply, “don’t think of it as a WEDDING. Just think of it as the biggest party you will ever ...
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Blogger Behind the Scenes

What happens when you add up a handful of bloggers, two photographers, and an amazing jewelry designer? You get one of the best days with your blog to date. A car full of outfits, boxes of jewelry, amazing friendships, and so much more. I’m here to provide an exclusive look into the behind the scenes of being a blogger, the glam edition! Sure, we have nights in sweatpants with glasses of wine writing posts, managing all the SEO, ...
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The Perfect Cup of Coffee with A Cup of Quotes

There are so many different elements to the perfect cup of coffee. The beans. The roast. The grind. The machine. And, most importantly, the mug. I’ve teamed up with A Cup of Quotes to bring you my perfect cup of coffee, as served in one of their sassy and amazing mugs. When I make a cup of coffee, I look for several things: Flavor: Hazelnut everything! I love hazelnut in my coffee but I much prefer the flavoring in the grounds ...
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Cruise with Mystic Blue, Boathouse Blogger Bash

Happy Labor Day, to those of you who live in the US. I hope you’re all enjoying a good summer send-off with some form of barbecue or other outdoorsy activity (such as a cruise!). I’m headed to the Renaissance Faire to send off that season. So excited! Keep up with me on snapchat @dannie54 if you want to see some extreme nerdery. ————– What happens when you combine Lake Michigan, a Chicago skyline ...