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Top Spring and Summer Beauty Products

When it comes to Spring and Summer, the number and range of beauty products I use increases dramatically. During the winter, I basically use the thickest lotion I can find, I barely touch my hair, and I kind of pretend makeup doesn’t exist. Then spring comes, temperatures rise, and I come out of hibernation feeling like some sort of butterfly who hasn’t quite found her color yet. It’s a chance to try new products, explore ...

This Blonde Has More Fun | Hair Color with Spoke and Weal

Every once in a while, it’s fun to do a hair refresh. Go in and let your stylist have their way with you. I’m incredibly attached to the length of my hair but I’m happy to let folks play with my color all they want. Enter Noemi from Spoke and Weal, a salon with a new location in Chicago. These folks know what they’re doing. Noemi is a coloring expert. From the moment I sat in her chair, I felt like I could completely ...

Hair Life | Wash n Go Waves

When it comes to hair, I have two settings:┬álots of time spent or zero time spent. Middle ground isn’t really an option for me. Until now. I’ve discovered the joy of OUAI Brand hair products and I’m never going back. They’re an amazing brand with beautiful design, spectacular products, an amazing snapchat, and the best smelling dry shampoo I think ever. I’m obsessed. Ready for an awesome guide on how to create ...
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Holiday Gift Guide 2016

It’s officially that time of year! The time when we flood the malls, buy so many different gifts. For friends, family, your pets, and even yourself! It’s exhausting and so difficult to really nail the perfect gift for everyone. Will she really like that mug? Does she have it? Who knows! And does he need another set of cufflinks? Probably not. Enter me. I have scoured the internet for the greatest gifts for a whole number of ...

Curls and Color with Hair Loft West Loop

It’s been a good long while since I did anything new with my hair, and that includes cuts! I tend to neglect my hair between sessions in a salon and the result is usually lots of dead and split ends, sad curls, and just an unhappy time for everyone. I needed some Hair 911 My experience with HAIR LOFT West Loop, however, was phenomenal! I worked with Christian on recommendation of the owner, Ben, and couldn’t be more pleased to ...

Irresistibly Straight with Irresistible Me

I’ve been straightening and blowing out my hair on a regular basis for about 8 months now. The art of the blowout took a while to perfect but I think I’m there now. Straightening, however? That’s been difficult. It’s all about having the right straightener and the one I’ve been using is old and, frankly, not very good. So when Irresistible Me approached me about testing out their professional flat iron, I was ...

My Favorite Beauty Products, Summer 2016

As with most people, what I’m using on my body varies from season to season. While I opt for exclusively heavy-moisture products in the winter and pumpkin spice scented everything in the fall, summer is when I spend some time experimenting with my favorites. It’s the perfect time to see what my skin and I both like, have a little fun, and see what’s new on the market! Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser, White ...
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Burberry Birthday Adventure

May might be one of my favorite months of the year. It starts to get warm for real, flowers are everywhere, and my birthday happens! This year, I’m actually celebrating, whereas last year I didn’t do terribly much. So the celebrations began last week with a trip to the Burberry flagship store here in Chicago for a birthday present that I’ve been eyeing for a while: MyBurberry eau de toilette. The scent is amazing! And the ...
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Treat Yourself with PrettyQuick

This past week, I gave myself a little “Treat Yourself” kind of day where I focused entirely on self care and things I enjoy that make me happy. Among that included a manicure and letting someone else do my blowout for a change. And I booked them both through my new favorite app, PrettyQuick. Here’s how it works: Download the app. Make an account. Find a salon. Book your appointment. Go to appointment. Pay through the app. ...

How to Make Your Lipstick Last through Dinner AND Drinks

You know the situation. You’re out on the town. Your makeup looks fly. You feel like you could conquer the world right now. Dinner rolls around, you eat the most delicious pasta you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying, and you pop to the restroom to check that fly makeup. Disaster. Your lipstick has feathered and faded in the patterns of the pasta you just ate. There’s no fixing this. Your options are either wipe it off and go ...