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Photo by Teresa Dalbera

Stile.Foto.Cibo aims to serve and inspire queer femmes and increase Femme Visibility through fashion + lifestyle posts and the series Fashionably Femme. Dannie Levine-Moore is a twenty-something living it up in Chicago with her wife and two dogs, Zoe and Tonks. She’s going to share her favorite fashion and places to be in Chicago as well as style tips, insight of upcoming trends, and more. Stile.Foto.Cibo is Italian for style, photo, food, which sums up her three favorite things in life. Style is the obvious one. Just look at a few of her top posts! Photography? She runs a photo business with her wife and loves getting out to shoot as often as possible! Food? This veggie/vegan is constantly on the lookout for amazing new restaurants as well as ways to keep vegan in a city known for it’s beef sandwiches, hot dogs, and sausage pizza.





Qupid Lace Up Heels | Stile.Foto.CiboWhat Defines Style?

Dannie firmly believes that style comes from within. It’s not about the most expensive bag or shoes or even the latest trend in sunglasses! It’s all about keeping yourself comfortable in what you where and who you are. Style is, after all, a visual representation of you as a person. What do you want the world to think of you? Whatever that may be, let it guide you in getting dressed.





Honeymoon | Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Get up, dress up, show up, and never give up

As a femme lesbian, Dannie aims to smash stereotypes [and the patriarchy] with her sky-high heels and passion for all the good in the world. Keep an eye out for awesome features including Fashionably Femme, a series highlighting the style of femmes everywhere. Everyone has a voice and something to share. What’s your story?

Dannie has worked with such companies as Grounds and Hounds, Rocksbox, thredUP, 360 Chicago, & more. To collaborate, please email stile.foto.cibo@gmail.com

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  • Great blog! Thanks so much for stopping by and following… much appreciated 🙂 Always great to meet new faces, looking forward to reading all your future posts! Karen x


    • Thank you so much! I’m excited to read yours as well.

  • This is really nice!! I’m a microblogger mostly but I also like haiku and flash fiction and style and things so I write/follow people here and this is just a really good blog! (I’m an IT major trust me I know what a bad blog looks like hehe) You and lady are so cute also! My lady is like aw someday we’ll be like them!

    • Well thanks! Glad to have you following!
      A lady featured post coming up soon, too. Keep an eye out.

  • Hey Dannie 😀 You’ve just been nominated for a blog award! *Yippee* No pressure to accept and my apologies if you’ve been nominated previously 🙂 Karen X


  • Love the mission of your blog! Wish I was a bit closer to try your restaurant recommendations! Love from London Xx

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and for the lovely comment! I definitely have some restaurant recs in London as well. If you ever end up in Chicago, make sure to reach out!