Apple Picking


Fall days bring a chill in the air and an ever-present scent of cinnamon everything. My favorite pairing with cinnamon is, of course, apples. While everyone’s fawning all over pumpkin everything (which is, admittedly, good) I’m itching to dive head first into vats of apple cider. So, of course, once that familiar chill of fall arrives, I need to venture to the nearest apple orchard and pick a peck with which to make my entire apartment smell amazing.


To my favorite orchard I went! My lady and I went and picked a variety- gala, johnagold, mackintosh, and paula red. We went later in the season than I usually like- rehearsal and moving prohibited anything sooner- so we had to do a little bit of climbing to get to the good stuff. Still, when everyone else is diving after honey crisp, it makes it easy for me to get to the actual good stuff.


My plans for apples change from year to year but there’s always pie involved. This year they also became enough apple sauce to last until Christmas and several dozen apple muffins.




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